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Seaweed and algae experiences

Publicerad: 2020-05-25

Project to develop fresh knowledge of how marine food resources can create value for consumers

Photo by Shane Stagner on Unsplash

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest for seaweed as food in Europe. However, research on seaweed as an ingredient is scarce. An interdisiplinary Formas-financed project between researchers from three faculties at Lund University is trying to change that.

"Our goal is to develop fresh knowledge about how marine food resources can create value for the consumer," explained project leader, Cecilia Fredriksson, who is also affiliated with the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University. "How do different consumer groups relate to different raw materials? What is required for new foods or ingredients to reach a larger market? What is of significance to the consumer? We want to know about people's experiences of seaweed and algae in order to understand how "sea spaghetti” can interact with more traditional meals."

And you can help by sharing your opinion in a short survey.

Your answers are anonymous and archived in the Folklife Archives at Lund University. Your participation is voluntary and if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Cecilia Fredriksson.