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Publicerad: 2021-06-24

In his PhD dissertation, Devrim Umut Aslan, explains how shopping makes a street vibrant.

Devrim Umut Aslan publicly defended his thesis on 24 June 2021 in a lively discussion with opponent Sarah Pink.

During recent decades, shopping’s geographical manifestations have altered radically and the presumed ‘death’ of town centre retailing has become a public concern. The social, cultural, and economic backgrounds of this decentralisation of retail and its effects on city life have been studied comprehensively. However, to date, few studies have examined the changing dynamics of non-mainstream shopping geographies, particularly local shopping streets. How shopping is enacted in such places, and shopping’s part in shaping them, has been largely overlooked. Devrim Umut Aslan's Phd dissertation, entitled Praxitopia, fills this knowledge gap. In his research, Devrim examines shopping activities on Södergatan, a local shopping street in a stigmatized ‘super-diverse’ district of Helsingborg, Sweden known as Söder, and contributes to the literature on shopping geographies by drawing on a sociocultural perspective.

You can read Praxitopia via Lund University's research portal.

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Download Praxitopia from  Lund University's research portal.

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