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Future Consumption and Consumer Wellbeing

Publicerad: 2022-05-25

At the second of four seminars on Future Themes in Consumption, researchers and retail practitioners discussed the future of consumption and retail from their particular perspectives.

Presenters from the seminar enjoy lunch together at Mindpark in Helsingborg

Ideas about physical and mental wellbeing have long been intertwined with consumption and retail. In a hybrid seminar at Campus Helsingborg on 19 May, three international researchers and one practitioner discussed how our future consumption will collide with our attitude towards our minds and our bodies.

Alisa Minina Jeunemaître, Assistant Professor of Marketing, IPAG Business School, Paris, talked about mapping the market ecosystem of digital mental health services, and provided an overview of the main market actors, their specifics and value propositions. Sofia Ulver, Associate Professor, Centre for Retail Research at Lund University presented research on the potential oxymoron of consumer well-being in the social media age, using the 'Selfie' and the 'Conflict Market' as theoretical departures for discussion.

After a short coffee break, Vitor Lima, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Audencia Business School & Russell Belk, Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, Canada talked about the emerging phenomenon of implanting microchips into the body as a new mode of payment and the sociocultural and ethical issues arising from it. And, last but not least, Sofia Norén, Business Owner Partnerships at Swish spoke about the trends and challenges around payments in Sweden and how the payment landscape is rapidly changing alongside new consumer behaviors. 

The seminar was organised by the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University, moderated by Dr. Katarina Graffman from Inculture and was wrapped up with an interesting panel discussion in which all the speakers took part.