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Retail Practice Leaders Meeting

Publicerad: 2021-04-23

A workshop with leading representatives from retail in Sweden on sustainable e-commerce.

The retail practice leaders group met on Zoom during the Centre's Retail Week.


Last week, as part of retail week, the Centre for Retail Research held a workshop with leading representatives from retail in Sweden; the retail practice leaders group.The workshop revolved around a grand retail challenge: sustainable e-commerce.

E-commerce has an enormous potential to contribute to sustainable development. To capture this potential and transform e-commerce into a sustainable system, radical change is needed. But which areas and key issues do we need of address to achieve a system effect and transformation? To sift out these areas a series of workshop have been carried out. During this workshop with the retail representatives we discussed how they foresee e-commerce impact shopping centres within the 3-5 year period and what kind of sustainability oriented innovations would support that transformation. The workshop was a synopsis of previous e-commerce events and ended with Centre’s leadership team presenting the results from previous workshops.

The Retail practice leaders group will meet again in autumn 2021.