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Retail practice leaders group meeting

Publicerad: 2020-10-14

On Tuesday the Centre for Retail Research held a meeting with leading representatives from retail in Sweden; the retail practice leaders group.

Photo by Christina on Unsplash

On the agenda was an exchange of information regarding retail research and the current, real-life issues faced by retailers. The Centre’s leadership team presented some of the key retail research projects that are currently taking place in the Centre. Namely, research into pandemic-related food shopping habits, in-store digital signage, the role of personnel in physical stores, new store formats, sustainability in retail, and numerous logistics and last-mile delivery projects.

During discussions, the retail representatives remarked that many of the Centre’s research topics matched the items on the agenda at their board meetings, which gives us confidence that we – in addition to being relevant in the retail research field – also do research that is relevant to practitioners. Nevertheless, we were happy to receive inspiration for future research. For example, regarding the role of voice and video technologies in retail.

The Retail practice leaders will meet with the Centre’s leadership group again in early 2021.