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Most-read articles

Publicerad: 2021-09-06

The Centre's researchers make the top list of most-read articles in the International Reviews of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research

Photo by Sear Greyson on Unsplash

The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research updates its list of most read articles every 24 hours based on user behavior. The list is calculated based on the cumulative total of PDF downloads and full-text HTML views since the article was published.

Articles by several researchers from Centrum för handelsforskning are currently in the top ten including a study on the organisational climate for innovation in Swedish retail organisations authored by Annika Olsson, Karla Paredes, Ulf Johansson, Malin Olander Roese and Sofia Ritzén.

Vakulenko et al.'s article about the role of last mile delivery in the customer’s e-retail experience is a surprising entry at second place in the top list considering how recently it was published. It has racked up an impressive 18 676 views since its publication in 2019. Three of the authors are affiliated with Centrum för handelsforskning. 

Both articles are open access. You can read them via the journal's home page.