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International Researchers

Publicerad: 2021-05-20

Introducing the Centre's international guest researchers


In 2020, the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University invited six international retail and marketing scholars to collaborate in our interdisciplinary retail research work. Despite the fact that they did not get to travel to Lund, as originally planned, our international colleagues collaborated in a number of online workshops and seminars, contributing with new knowledge and perspectives on the evaluation of new retail forms, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, the future of consumption and more. They will continue to be a vital part of the Centre in 2021 too.

Arno De Caigny is an Assistant Professor in Business Analytics at IÉSEG School of Management, France. Arno’s main research interests are in customer scoring, customer retention, machine learning and big data. He has published in international peer-reviewed journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, Decision Support Systems and International Journal of Forecasting.He also has industry experience in financial services and consulting. 

Katherine Casey is a Lecturer in Marketing at Kent Business School. Katie’s research draws on critical traditions and tends towards Consumer Culture Theory. To date, her research interests include sustainable consumption, production and disposal, the ethics of consumption, community-based initiatives, alternative food consumption, alternative food networks. Her research interests lie at the nexus of politics and marketing, where consumption becomes political, and politics are manifest in the everyday.

Jack Coffin is a Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester. His research USP is studying the intersection of Unconscious processes, Spatial structures, and Posthuman politics. This has led to topics as diverse as place marketing, sustainability, underrepresented consumers, and social marketing in the post-Covid era.

Katherine Duffy is a Lecturer in Management at the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School. Her areas of expertise are consumption, markets and society, clothing sustainability, digitalisation and social media marketing. Kat’s research focuses broadly on consumer behaviour and digital marketing. Currently, her focus is on the digitalisation of sustainable clothing consumption.

Jens Nordfält is Professor of Management Studies at the University of Bath. His recent research includes work on how the physical retail store digitalises in order to compete with other commercial alternatives in a world with increasing digitalisation. Recent publications include a Journal of Retailing article entitled The Future of Retail.

Eleonora Pantano is an Associate Professor in Marketing at University of Bristol, UK and the author of numerous books including Smart Retailing: Technologies and Strategies (2019), Technology and Innovation for Marketing (2019) Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives 2nd edition (2017). Her research activities mainly relate to the development of new customer solutions to improve retail analytics, strategies and management, with emphasis on the role of artificial intelligence, emotional analytics, and machine learning algorithms.