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Digital workshop on publication

Publicerad: 2021-10-19

Report from a much appreciated digital workshop on publishing, for doctoral students.

Last week the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University hosted a seminar for doctoral students on the topic of publishing. This time the focus was on the review process and the attending students discussed the progression of a manuscript through the whole the review process from submission to publication.

The digital seminar was hosted by visiting scholars Jack Coffin, from the University of Manchester, and Kat Duffy, from the University of Glasgow, and was attended by doctoral students from the Universities of Lund, Karlstad, Borås and Kristianstad, all of whom seemed to appreciated the experience. There was plenty of time to talk in depth about a variety of issues related to the review process and the students were also able to  discuss specific comments they had received from reviewers. 

Another seminar is planned for spring 2021.