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Annual report in English

Publicerad: 2020-05-05

The 2019 annual report for the Centre for Retail Research is now available in English.

The Centre for Retail Research has now been in existence for six years and, during the past year, we have transitioned from our initial five-year funding from the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council (of 5 million Swedish crowns per year) to a new finance model of around 1.5 million Swedish crowns per year (from the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council and the Hakon Swenson foundation). This has partly changed the way that the centre works. We no longer run our own research projects. Instead, we operate as a platform, arranging research seminars and workshops as well as supporting research networks and retail research applications from researchers at Lund University.

2019 has been a busy year at the Centre. You can read some of the highlights of the year in the our annual report, which is now also available in English.

All the Centre's annual reports (in Swedish and English) can be found on our website.

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Download a pdf of the annual report in English.