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Public defence of doctoral dissertation: Karla Marie Batingan Paredes


Karla Marie Batingan Paredes, from the Department of Innovation Engineering, will defend her doctoral dissertation on 1 December 2022 at IKDC. 

Innovation has received widespread attention in research and in practice as it plays a crucial role in organization survival and longevity.Innovation is an especially important topic in retailing, as opportunities and challenges confront retailers due to the ongoing disruption of the industry. As retailers face increasing pressure to make innovation a strategic priority, and as major retail players become larger and more complex organizations, retail innovation management becomes a more central concern. Established retailers may have previously survived with capabilities for continuous improvement and incremental innovation. However, as the rules of retail are increasingly changing, the question becomes not only about how to “do things in a better way” but also how to “do things differently.” Karla Marie B. Paredes, a PhD student at the Division of Innovation Engineering, Department of Design Sciences, addresses this topic in her doctoral dissertation. Her thesis aims to explore how retail incumbents can develop a systematic and sustained approach to innovation through management practices and mechanisms, and the challenges that they face in this journey of building innovation capability.

The dissertation, entitled “Building innovation capability in retail: towards a systematic and sustained approach to innovation in large retail organizations,” is to be publicly defended on December 1, 2022 at 9:15 am in Stora Hörsalen, Department of Design Sciences, Sölvegatan 26, Lund. The faculty opponent will be Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Reynolds from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. 

The public defense will also be livestreamed on Zoom, but part of the premises will be excluded from the live stream.



1 december 2022


Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum (IKDC)
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