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Future Themes in International Retail Research: Future retail forms


Leading international researchers present their perspectives on future themes in retail research.

Photo by Tomasz Frankowski on Unsplash

The Centre for Retail Research at Lund University is proud to present the first of two seminars at which leading international researchers will present their perspectives on future themes in retail research.

Even prior to Corona, the future of retail was much discussed. The potential form and function of the physical store of the future is a hot topic on which the Centre for Retail Research held three workshops in 2018--the highlights from which are published in a book that emphasises experience, sustainability and digitalization as key perspectives. So what is the future of what we call retail? What will be the forms, the governance, the offer etcetera? What influence will digitalization wield and what elements will we still choose to still have analogue? Will we travel to stores or will they come to us? Will the usual suspects that run retail or will new actors take over? The questions are numerous but so are the answers.

This workshop will feature input from some of the Centre’s international guest researchers. Researchers with a broad interest in retail and consumption are invited to attend. We look forward to lively discussions so please invite a colleague and share this event in your networks.

The seminar will be held in English.

Date: Tuesday 6 October 2020

Time: 13.00 - 16.15

Location: Online. Register for link.

Preliminary programme

13.00 Welcome by Daniel Hellström - Centre for Retail Research

13.15 Jens Nordfält - University of Bath School of Management
This presentation will focus on how the physical retail store digitalizes to compete with other alternatives of commerce in a world with increasing digitalization. The starting point will be an recent article (The Future of Retail) in Journal of Retailing by (among others) Jens Nordfält.

14.00 Break

14.15 Eleanora Pantano - School of management, University of Bristol
Eleanora will discuss recently published research on actual progress in artificial intelligence, with emphasis on chatbots as emerging forms of customer assistance in online retailing. Drawing upon an analysis of the chatbot patents in the past 20 years, Eleanora will discuss the increasing technological push towards the adoption of new conversational agents based on natural language. 

15.00 Break

15.15 Arno de Caigny - IÉSEG School of Management, Paris
In his presentation, Store Efficiency Analytics in a Multichannel Retail Chain: Data Envelopment Analysis, Arno will discuss the multi-channel approach adopted by many retailers in recent years. Despite the growing importance of e-commerce on the total sales of retailers, methods to evaluate the relative efficiency of stores within a retail group do not reflect this multi-channel reality. Therefore, Arno's research extends existing store efficiency analysis methodologyin order to assess and compare store efficiency. Using real-world data from a major French retailer, Arno will elucidate the importance of e-commerce metrics pertaining to webstore performance, social media, engagement and tactics for stimulating multichannel sales.

16.00 Wrap up


This seminar was originally scheduled for 1 April 2020 but, due to Corona-related travel restrictions, has been rescheduled for week 41.

6 oktober 2020


This is an online meeting.


Carys Egan-Wyer