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Centre for Retail Research at Lund University

About us

An interdisciplinary centre of excellence in retail research. With active researchers from a range of disciplines, including ethnology, engineering and logistics, marketing and management.

Centre for Retail Research at Lund University is an interdisciplinary research center with a focus on the retail sector. The Centre is financially supported by the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council. Inaugurated in March 2014, the center has more than 40 researchers affiliated to its projects and is regularly arranging seminars and workshops for both researchers and practitioners with particular interest in the retail sector.

The retail sector is one of Sweden’s largest employers and is an important part of the economy as a whole and people’s everyday life. A large portion of consumer income is spent in the retail sector. At the same time the international retail environment is ever changing and this poses new challenges for the retail sector, including its companies, employees and consumers.

Centre for Retail Research at Lund University is currently running several projects that cover a range of relevant topics. These involve consumer culture, consumer behavior, logistics, regional planning and e-tailing. There are specific projects that are financed by external research foundations, but two main projects are fully funded within the Centre. The two main projects are organized in two research groups; Retail Innovation and Retail Destination. The Centre is also funding three full-time PhD candidates in Business Administration, Logistics and Service studies.

The director for Centre for Retail Research at Lund University is Ulf Johansson, Professor in Business Administration at Lund School of Economics and Management.

Overarching Mission Statement and Organizational Goals:

  • Develop a sustainable platform for researchers and practitioners with a particular interest in retail research that will nationally strengthen and encourage retail research.
  • Develop a interdisciplinary research environment of international excellence with a focus on retail
  • Develop a stable platform for knowledge exchange between academia and practice
  • Promote cooperation of planned and established retail research and retail education at Lund University

You can view publications by researchers at the Centre here (page in Swedish)                                                  

Contact the Cente Director Ulf Johansson for more information.